The indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication of America’s veterans and their families have forged the very essence of our nation’s strength. Their selfless sacrifices in service to our beloved country merit our utmost reverence and unwavering commitment.

As your resolute representative, I pledge an unyielding resolve to champion the cause of our veterans and their families, tirelessly advocating for the support they have rightfully earned. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that their valor and dedication are met with the unwavering support they so richly deserve.

I vow to stand resolute in the halls of power, serving as an unwavering advocate for our veterans, their well-being, and their sacred interests. Holding the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable for its solemn duty to provide the comprehensive care and support our veterans require shall be among my highest priorities.

Together, let us forge a path where the sacrifices made by our brave veterans are not forgotten, where their needs are met with compassion, and where the sacred trust we owe them is upheld with unwavering dedication.


The VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 marked a significant stride in the right direction, endeavoring to uplift veterans throughout our great nation. It is imperative that we not only advance the reforms encapsulated within this monumental legislation but also persistently advocate for the countless veterans residing within District 4. When our brave veterans dedicatedly served our nation on foreign soil, they were unequivocally promised adequate care in return for their unwavering commitment. Regrettably, our nation has forsaken this honorable group for far too long.

I propose a comprehensive restructuring of the bloated bureaucratic framework that perpetuates interminable waiting lines at the VA, obstructing our deserving veterans from accessing the care they urgently require. Instead of squandering valuable resources on superfluous lifelong bureaucrats who contribute minimally to the welfare of veterans, it is my staunch belief that we must judiciously allocate funds directly to their well-being. This can be achieved by recruiting and retaining the finest physicians and caretakers, ensuring that our veterans receive the exceptional level of care commensurate with any other distinguished healthcare facility.

Should I have the privilege of serving as your Congressman, I pledge to hold the VA unwaveringly accountable, instilling a culture of transparency in all its dealings with our esteemed veterans. The sacred duty we owe to these honorable individuals necessitates a relentless pursuit of excellence within the Department of Veterans Affairs, leaving no room for opacity or compromise.

Together, let us rise above the complacency that has plagued the VA for far too long, championing a new era of unwavering accountability and unyielding support for our cherished heroes. It is my unwavering commitment to ensure that the Department of Veterans Affairs upholds its solemn responsibility to our veterans, offering them the care and dignity they so richly deserve.