Born in Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Ecuador under the guidance of his mother, Steve A. Von Loor embarked on a transformative journey that would shape his unwavering commitment to the ideals of the American Dream. From a young age, Steve’s mother instilled in him the virtues of the “great communicator,” Ronald Reagan, and the profound values that underpin the American Dream.


At the tender age of 20, armed with a mere $150 and a rudimentary grasp of the English language, Steve embarked on a courageous voyage to the land that had captivated his imagination—the United States of America. Over the course of two eventful decades, Steve diligently forged his path, overcoming formidable challenges and establishing himself as a successful small business owner. Today, his proudest accomplishment lies in the legacy he has nurtured, embodied by his four cherished children.


From his immigrant background to his blue-collar work ethic, from his unwavering dedication to his family to his entrepreneurial prowess, Steve A. Von Loor intimately comprehends the intricacies of the American Dream. It is this profound understanding that fuels his passionate quest to assist you in attaining the very dream he has relentlessly pursued throughout his entire life.


Join Steve on this transformative journey, as he stands ready to guide you towards the realization of your own dreams. Drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences, Steve brings a unique perspective and an unparalleled dedication to championing the aspirations of hardworking individuals like yourself. With Steve by your side, you can navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead, forging your own path to prosperity and fulfillment.


Embrace the opportunity to be guided by a leader who has weathered the storms of life, surmounted obstacles, and emerged stronger, all while remaining firmly committed to the principles that define the American Dream. Let Steve A. Von Loor be your steadfast ally as you navigate the intricacies of your own personal journey towards success and happiness.


Together, let us embrace the unwavering determination of an individual who exemplifies the spirit of the American Dream. Elect Steve A. Von Loor as your champion, and together, we will forge a future where dreams are realized, aspirations are fulfilled, and the promise of America remains steadfast for generations to come.






In the year 1978, in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, Steve A. Von Loor, the sole child born in the United States of America to his mother, Alicia Loor MD, began his remarkable journey. Alicia Loor, a medical professional, traveled to Durham, North Carolina after her studies in Spain, where she visited her brother. Following her visit, she proceeded to Birmingham, Alabama, to meet her cousin, a distinguished member of the local hospital’s Anesthesiology Department.


Steve’s formative years were spent in Ecuador until the age of 20, when he seized the opportunity to relocate to Durham, North Carolina in 1998. Displaying adherence to proper immigration procedures, Steve successfully brought his mother to the United States to join him.


With an indomitable spirit, Steve embarked on a path of entrepreneurship, establishing a Renewable Energy Company and a language solutions company, where he served as a vital link, facilitating communication between businesses transcending language barriers.


Steve’s deep love for his country and unwavering conservative values, instilled by his dear mother, propelled his entry into the political arena. Motivated by the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, Steve commenced his political engagement. Volunteering for North Carolina political candidates in 2014, he assumed the role of Chair for the Morrisville town within the Republican National Committee – Hispanics Initiative. Subsequently, in November of the same year, he was appointed Treasurer for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly Capital Area Chapter. In January 2015, he ascended to the position of Vice Chairman for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of North Carolina.


Notably, Steve has also contributed as the National 2nd Vice Chairman for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of the United States of America and as a Council Member on the Hispanic/Latino Affairs for the North Carolina Governor.




As a proud first-generation Ecuadorian American, born in the vibrant city of Birmingham, Alabama, I am the cherished only child of a resilient single mother. Raised in Ecuador, I was immersed in traditional conservative values and instilled with an unwavering love for the United States of America. My mother, an accomplished otolaryngologist, holds the distinction of being one of the first three women to enlist in the Ecuadorian Army. Throughout my formative years in Ecuador, my mother spoke with great admiration for President Ronald Reagan, highlighting his remarkable achievements for our beloved nation.


Despite our time in Ecuador, my mother always impressed upon me that America, with its enduring values, was our true home. From an early age, I possessed an unwavering conviction that I would return to the land of opportunity.


Years passed, and after completing my automotive studies at a government institution, I heeded my mother’s encouragement to pursue the American Dream. In September 1998, I arrived in this beautiful country with a mere $150 in my pocket, a basic command of the English language, and a heart filled with aspirations. During the day, I worked at a BMW repair shop through the graciousness of a friend of my uncle’s, while attending English classes at Durham Community College. At night, I worked as a dedicated waiter. In 1999, I secured employment at an IBM manufacturing plant in RTP, where I became the first Hispanic to oversee a manufacturing line staffed entirely by Hispanic employees. Through hard work and dedication, our team achieved remarkable success as I trained, translated, and motivated my colleagues.


In 2001, I joined Bank of America as a bilingual teller, providing invaluable assistance to the Hispanic community in opening bank accounts. In 2004, I assumed the role.


of a bilingual supervisor at a temporary agency, supporting and guiding Hispanic employees in their journey towards leadership.


In 2006, I embarked on a part-time role as a bilingual lawyer referral specialist at the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA). During mornings, I served as a medical/legal interpreter for workers’ compensation cases, utilizing my language skills to bridge the gap between two vital sectors.


Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, in 2007, I established my own translation company, offering language solutions to diverse markets. Over the course of 11 years, while simultaneously working as an interpreter and managing my own business, I imbibed the invaluable lesson that failure should never deter one from pursuing their dreams. I persevered, steadfast in my belief that personal success emanates from within, rather than relying on external assistance.


In 2018, I was introduced to the Renewable Energy Market by a close friend. Since then, I have been instrumental in assisting individuals across the state in achieving energy independence through residential solar energy systems.


Ronald Reagan once stated, “The best social program is a job,” and those words resonate deeply with me. Having held various jobs over the past 25 years, I have faced adversity head-on and emerged stronger for it. Neither failure nor uncertainty intimidate me. Arriving in America with a mere $150, a basic understanding of the English language, and an unwavering commitment to realizing my dreams, I am proud of the journey I have traversed thus far.


Together, let us embrace the indomitable spirit that defines the American Dream. Join me as we work tirelessly towards a future where dreams are realized, aspirations are fulfilled, and the promise of America endures for generations to come.