As an immigrant who once held the fervent dream of living in the land of opportunity, Steve intimately comprehends the profound significance of the American experience. He recognizes that America’s greatness emanates from its cherished values, rather than its government. Guided by this understanding, Steve embarks on his candidacy as a Conservative-Constitutionalist, driven by the singular purpose of reclaiming and revitalizing the true essence of American identity.


Through years of observation, Steve has witnessed how elite politicians have grown detached from the very fabric of American society. Their prolonged presence within the hallowed halls of Washington has clouded their understanding of what it truly means to be American. Now, the time has come to usher in a new generation of American leaders, individuals who have genuinely lived the blue-collar existence, toiled under the scorching North Carolina sun, started from scratch, and traversed diverse industries in pursuit of the American Dream.


With an unwavering commitment to honor God, love America, and wholeheartedly embrace the diligent pursuit of happiness, Steve’s aspirations are rooted in his profound dedication to his four cherished children—a legacy that encapsulates his unwavering commitment to their enduring happiness. His unwavering resolve to serve, represent, and tenaciously advocate for the best interests of North Carolinians residing in the esteemed 13th Congressional District drives his unwavering mission.


Join us on this transformative journey, as we collectively endeavor to restore the bedrock principles that have shaped this great nation. Let us elect a leader who personifies the resilience and spirit of the everyday American, who has perspired alongside his fellow citizens under the sweltering North Carolina summers. Steve’s profound desire to foster an environment where the American Dream flourishes is underpinned by a genuine understanding of the struggles and aspirations of hardworking individuals.


Together, let us champion a candidate who embodies the essence of the Conservative-Constitutionalist philosophy, rekindling the timeless values that have long defined our nation. By electing Steve, we can usher in an era where true representation reigns, and the best interests of the people are firmly placed at the forefront of decision-making.


Stand with Steve as he endeavors to reclaim the essence of American exceptionalism and restore the rightful place of the people in the corridors of power. Join us in shaping a brighter future for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District—a future defined by unwavering dedication to the values that have made America the beacon of hope and prosperity for countless generations.