I humbly declare my candidacy for the esteemed position of U.S. Congress, fueled by an unwavering conviction that the people of the 13th Congressional District have long suffered from the misguidance of an Elite Ladder Climber Politician. This individual, who served from 1996 to 2001 as a member of the Climate Reality Leadership under the radical climate advocate Mr. Al Gore, subsequently ascended the ranks, occupying the position of White House Staff from 2008 to 2012.

It is abundantly clear that this individual’s entire repertoire of experience is built upon exclusive dinner engagements and clandestine backroom dealings that have little to no bearing on the lives of ordinary citizens. Their true affinity lies with California, and their radical left ideals stand in stark contrast to the values that define our distinguished district.

My personal journey commenced with a courageous stand against David Price, a 30-year Elite Academia Professor who has maintained an unwavering grip on his congressional seat for over three decades, neglecting the foundational principles that the 4th District holds dear. Regrettably, the people of this district have endured the representation of a far-left ideologue who disavows the cherished values of the 4th District.

Presently residing in the 13th District, I bear witness to Mr. Nickle’s unwavering support of the radical left ideologies instilled by the tutelage of Gore and Obama. As a Hispanic American, small business owner, and blue-collar worker, I have personally witnessed the woeful inadequacies of David Price in effectively representing his district since 1986.

I adamantly refuse to accept a future for the 13th Congressional District mired in the same stagnation and apathy. The time has come for us to address the pressing issues of today and fiercely advocate for the present and future welfare of the people of the 13th Congressional District, particularly our cherished children.

Having resided in the 4th District for two decades and subsequently immersing myself in the intricacies of the 13th District for two years, I possess an intimate understanding of the challenges plaguing our citizens and our nation.

These experiences, coupled with years of dedicated service within the local community and an unwavering commitment to indisputable facts, inform my resolute policy beliefs on a comprehensive range of issues, spanning from abortion to education.

My platform stands on three robust pillars: a steadfast reverence for the value of hard work, an unwavering pursuit of truth, and an unyielding determination to serve the best interests of “We, the people.”

It is my fervent hope to persuade you with ideas and proposals that most politicians fear to broach. Should I be fortunate enough to earn your trust as your Congressman, I solemnly vow to wholeheartedly serve the 13th Congressional District and champion the best interests of the American people to the utmost of my abilities.