Alright, folks, I’m your guy for the 119th U.S. Congress. When you elect me as your Congressman, I got a solid 730 days ahead of me, and here’s the deal – I’m here to cut through the noise.

We’ve got real issues, and I will be rolling up my sleeves to push for common-sense bills that actually make a difference. Your priorities are my priorities. Let’s get things done together, no frills, just results.


Here, I lay down my Straight-Up Legislative Game Plan:

Economic Recovery and Job Creation:

1. Precise Economic Stimulus Measures to Crush Inflation:

– Direct Move: Drop specific and effective economic stimulus actions to beat down the bad vibes of current inflation.

2. Resurrect American Manufacturing Jobs:

– Get Down Action: Bring back domestic manufacturing to beef up our workforce and create more job opportunities.

3. Promote “Skilled Trades Training”:

– Bold Move: Push hard for skilled trades by throwing in sweet incentives and solid support for training programs.

– Focus on: Put money into infrastructure, back small businesses, and amp up workforce training to stay on top of changing industries.



Education Reform for the 21st Century:

1. Drive “Skilled Trades Training” Nationwide:

– Straight-Up Action: Encourage and hype up “skilled trades” training everywhere in America.

2. Establish Manufacturing Jobs with Apprenticeship Programs:

– Get It Done: Bring in manufacturing jobs with kickass apprenticeship programs to empower our American workforce.

3. Direct Assistance to Job Creators:

– Bold Support: Give a real boost to those creating jobs, making sure we’re all about proactive growth and more job opportunities.

– Focus on: Pour more cash into public education, close the digital gap in remote learning, and push vocational training to meet the real job needs.



Implement Fair Taxation:

1. Adopt the “FAIR TAX” Model:

– Straightforward Move: Set up a fair and clear tax system that’s fair game for everyone.

2. Incentivize Job Creators:

– Bold Play: Roll out big incentives for job creators, creating an environment where businesses can grow, hire more, and boost our overall economic vibe.

3. Streamline Business Taxation.

– Cut the Red Tape: Simplify and streamline business tax processes, ditching the unnecessary stuff for a more efficient and competitive economic scene.

4. Encourage Research and Development Incentives:

– Get Proactive: Throw more support behind research and development, encouraging innovation and tech advancements that drive economic growth and more jobs.



Achieve Energy Independence:

1. Prioritize Infrastructure Development:

– Invest Smart: Put our bucks where it counts— RE-OPEN the “XL Keystone pipeline” to up our energy game, energy infrastructure like grids and transportation.

2. Diversify Energy Sources:

– Direct Strategy: Actively mix up our energy sources—renewables, nuclear power, and our own fossil fuels—to kick foreign energy dependence to the curb.

3. Promote Domestic Production:

– Get Moving: Encourage and back our own energy production, so we’re not stuck relying on others.

4. Support Energy Independence Legislation:

– Bold Push: Fight hard for laws that shout out energy independence, making sure we stick with the plan and stay strong.



Comprehensive National Security & Immigration Reform:

– Enhance Border Security:

– Solution: Beef up our border security game with tech, more personnel, and top-notch infrastructure.

– Focus on: Drop cash where it matters—technology, people, and the stuff that keeps our borders secure.

– Streamlined Asylum Process:

– Solution: Change up the asylum process to keep it fair and quick for those who need it.

– Employment Verification and Deterrence:

– Solution: Crack down on illegal employment, boost our verification systems, and make sure employers play by the rules.

– Focus on: Get tough on employers hiring undocumented workers, roll out a solid E-Verify system, and make sure businesses stick to the rules through education and penalties.



Back The Blue of 2024

1. Get to Know Your Law Enforcement Officer Act:
– Proposal: Put our tax payer’s money where it matters, starting with Pay Increase, create programs where Law Enforcement Officers and communities can grab a coffee, talk, and understand each other. More local events, partnerships with community groups, and less sitting in patrol cars.

2. Smart Law Enforcement Officer Training and Fair Play Act:
– Proposal: Make sure our Law Enforcement Officers know their stuff without being unpleasant. Teach them how to cool things down, be cool with different cultures, and spot someone who needs a hand. Also, let’s have someone else check if they’re playing fair.

3. See-Through and Trustworthy Police Rules:
– Proposal: Make it a rule—Law Enforcement Officers wear cameras so we can see what’s really going on. If something’s not right, there should be a way for folks to speak up. Plus, let’s keep everyone in the loop about what Law Enforcement Officers are up to.

4. Mix It Up in the Police Squad Act:
– Proposal: Our Law Enforcement Officers  should look like our neighborhoods. Give a thumbs up to hiring more people from different backgrounds. It’s not just about diversity; it’s about having a mix that gets us better.

5. Cool Police Make Safe Streets Act:
– Proposal: Rewrite the rules on how Law Enforcement Officers use force. Make sure they’re using their heads before anything else. Train them to handle tough situations without going overboard. Also, team up with folks who know how to help fix the real problems causing crime.



This legislative agenda is all about being direct, bold, and making things happen. From jobs to taxes, energy to security, it’s time to cut the red tape and get real results.

Let’s get to work!

And Make America Great Again! 🇺🇸