The indispensable principle of term limits stands as a resolute pillar in my vision for a reinvigorated system of governance. The pervasive presence of career politicians in the hallowed halls of Washington has eroded the very essence of our democratic fabric, impeded the progress and diminished the voice of the people. It is an undeniable truth that certain elite members of Congress have wielded power for over four decades, monopolizing the corridors of influence to the detriment of our nation’s well-being.


As your dedicated representative, I am steadfast in my commitment to champion the cause of mandatory term limits, bestowing upon our system of government the rejuvenation it desperately craves. With resolute conviction, I shall advocate for the implementation of a transformative framework that mandates a strict limit of six years (equivalent to three terms) for members of the House of Representatives, ensuring the infusion of fresh perspectives and robust citizen representation. Additionally, I will tirelessly work towards establishing a maximum of twelve years (equivalent to two terms) for members of the Senate, upholding the ideal of continuous renewal and safeguarding against the perils of entrenched power.


Together, let us embark on a journey towards citizen empowerment, where the voices of the people resound with unwavering clarity and where the promise of a government for the people, by the people, and of the people becomes an enduring reality. Term limits shall serve as the mighty sword that liberates our democracy from the clutches of stagnation, enabling a vibrant and dynamic political landscape that thrives on the principles of accountability, fresh perspectives, and a profound respect for the will of the people.




As your dedicated Congressman, I am steadfast in my commitment to usher in a new era of political accountability by advocating for the enactment of term limits, specifically targeting long-standing politicians such as David Price and Nancy Pelosi, who have entrenched themselves in Congress for over three decades. The original vision of our esteemed Founding Fathers never entailed politicians embarking on lifelong careers within the hallowed halls of Congress. Regrettably, Congress’s approval rating continues to plummet, yet these same entrenched politicians persistently reclaim positions of power, seemingly disconnected from the will of the people they purportedly serve. It is high time we restore the essence of democracy by firmly holding our elected representatives in Washington accountable for their actions.


Implementing term limits will bestow our representatives with a significant tenure to passionately champion the causes that resonate with their constituents, while concurrently mitigating the pernicious effects of corruption that can arise from prolonged stays in office. Rather than being perpetually consumed by the specter of future elections, politicians will be compelled to concentrate their efforts on swiftly and diligently resolving the pressing issues that demand immediate attention during their limited tenure in Washington. Furthermore, this paradigm shift will enable the infusion of fresh faces and perspectives into Congress, fostering the potential emergence of new ideas and innovative solutions that might otherwise remain unheard without the imposition of term limits.


Let us embark on this essential journey towards political rejuvenation and the restoration of faith in our democratic system. By advocating for term limits, we ensure that our elected officials are steadfastly committed to serving the people’s interests, cognizant of their limited time in office. Together, we can reinvigorate our democratic processes, uphold the principles of accountability, and empower a new generation of representatives to rise, breathe fresh life into our legislative landscape, and diligently address the needs and aspirations of our great nation.