The labyrinthine complexity and onerous nature of our present tax code weigh heavily upon the shoulders of hardworking Americans. While colossal corporations employ costly accountants to exploit the intricacies of the system, the burden of its weight falls disproportionately upon small businesses and enterprising individuals, stifling economic progress and impeding prosperity.


It is imperative that our tax system be redesigned to foster an environment that nurtures job creation and domestic economic growth, liberating it from punitive measures that deter progress. As your dedicated representative, I pledge unwavering support for transformative legislation that replaces the current tax code with a new paradigm, underpinned by a low flat tax that ensures equity for every American. This fair and simplified tax system will serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of our economy, encouraging the emergence of new enterprises and bolstering the creation of domestic employment opportunities.


Taxation of all outgoing monetary wire transfers to foreign countries.

Furthermore, I shall introduce a bill mandating the taxation of all outgoing monetary wire transfers to foreign countries worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the practices of my mother’s country, this measure recognizes that the banks and wire transfer entities impose fees per transaction. It is only just and equitable that our states, cities, and nation as a whole benefit from the capital leaving our shores, through the imposition of appropriate taxation.


Together, let us champion a transformative era of tax reform, unshackling the immense potential of our economy and forging a future where prosperity is attainable by all Americans.