The relentless propagation of radical left gender ideologies, forcefully imposed upon our vulnerable children, constitutes an egregious form of child abuse—a heinous transgression against their innocence. As your esteemed representative, I pledge an unwavering battle to shield our precious progeny from the clutches of these insidious policies. Behold my comprehensive blueprint to eradicate the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation that afflicts our youth:


  1. Introduce a robust legislative measure to rescind the abhorrent and inhumane gender-affirming policies, intrinsically entailing the administration of puberty blockers, physical deformity through irreversible transformations, and, most disturbingly, surgical procedures performed on minor children.


  1. Initiate an impregnable barrier to the utilization of federal funding for the promotion or remuneration of such abhorrent procedures, coupled with the passage of an indomitable statute explicitly prohibiting the despicable act of child sexual mutilation.


  1. Bolster the defenses of our innocent children by fortifying their educational institutions against the malevolence of radical left indoctrination. Any teacher or school official espousing the fallacy that a child may be ensnared in an erroneous body shall face the gravest repercussions for their unconscionable transgressions.


  1. Craft an ironclad legislative proposal designed to safeguard the sanctity of women’s sports, resolutely preventing male participation from undermining the integrity of national competitions.


  1. Champion the inviolable rights of parents, shielding them from the pernicious coercion compelling their minor children to assume novel genders and identities without the parental imprimatur—a right that should never be infringed upon.


Together, we shall stand as unwavering sentinels, steadfast in our unwavering commitment to preserve the innocence, well-being, and rightful autonomy of our American cherished children.