My unwavering dedication to the defense and preservation of the lives of the unborn is steadfast and resolute. Having been raised under the guidance of a fervent pro-life activist, I have personally witnessed the devastating consequences that abortion inflicts upon our society. It is my unyielding belief that the true measure of a nation lies in how it safeguards its most vulnerable, and there exists no group more vulnerable and defenseless than the unborn.


Within the first two months following conception, a fetus’s heart initiates its rhythmic beat, its neural activity commences, and it even experiences the excruciating sensation of pain. Scientific evidence unequivocally confirms that the over 600,000 babies tragically aborted each year represent unmistakable human life. Yet our society has regrettably lost sight of the profound vulnerability of this group, choosing instead to glorify the abominable act of murder under the deceptive guise of ‘choice’.


While it may be conceded that certain circumstances may necessitate the performance of an abortion, it is an undeniable fact that a vast majority of abortions—over 98 percent—are motivated solely by convenience. The heinous act of murder should never be facilitated by convenience. I pledge an unceasing crusade to safeguard the inherent rights of these innocent children to exist, spearheading efforts to defund organizations such as Planned Parenthood that perpetuate the tragedy.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the wanton slaughter of approximately 60 million children since the lamentable Roe v Wade decision will be regarded as a repugnant stain upon the moral fabric of future societies. It is my fervent aspiration that one day, all children will bask in the inalienable right to experience life’s brilliance rather than being ruthlessly extinguished within the sanctuary of the womb.”


Promoting alternatives:


“I am acutely cognizant of the imperative to institute policies that proffer viable alternatives to mothers contemplating abortion. In my capacity as your Congressman, I shall advocate for the implementation of comprehensive health education programs, meticulously designed to apprise expectant mothers seeking abortion of the profound consequences entailed by their momentous decision. Through these diligently crafted courses, mothers will be endowed with the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice, one that will alleviate the haunting specter of remorse shadowing their lives indefinitely.


Moreover, I stand unwaveringly as a staunch champion of an extensive overhaul of our nation’s foster care and adoption systems. Regrettably, numerous women who consider abortion view relinquishing their offspring for adoption as an unviable recourse due to the deplorable state of our current foster care apparatus. It is my unshakable conviction that if we are resolute in our determination to safeguard the lives of these nascent beings nestled within the womb, we must ardently rally for their well-being beyond those confines. This unwavering commitment commences by fostering an environment wherein mothers, who are unable to provide for their children, harbor a profound sense of solace and reassurance when electing the path of adoption.”