America’s economy languishes in a state of torpor, shackled by wanton spending, corporate welfare, an onerous tax code, unaccounted and exorbitant wars, an unsustainable trade deficit, and punitive policies that stifle success.


Sustainable and robust economic growth stands as the bedrock of prosperity. It is an irrefutable truth that we cannot borrow our way to prosperity, rendering it imperative to forge an alternative path to revitalization.


1) FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our progeny bears the suffocating burden of insurmountable debt, a consequence of profligate programs and profligate expenditures. We teeter on the precipice of borrowed time—and borrowed funds. To rectify this perilous predicament, we must urgently catalyze rapid economic expansion. Lowering tax rates, empowering corporations such as Apple™ to repatriate their overseas fortunes and reinvest within our borders, will invigorate our economy, propelling it toward unparalleled growth.


  1. Encourage frugality within governmental agencies, incentivizing savings through stringent oversight of overhead expenses, curbing excess inventory, and clamping down on fraud. These steadfast measures have the potential to yield savings exceeding 10% within the initial two years, significantly alleviating our profligate expenditure. Those government employees who exhibit exemplary fiscal stewardship, safeguarding taxpayer resources, should be duly recognized and rewarded.


  1. The looming federal debt, projected to exceed $20 trillion by 2017, looms as an ominous specter, amounting to nearly 40% of our GDP. This harrowing reality portends the collapse of our cherished way of life, undermining the American dream itself. As global interest rates surge, our debt burden amplifies, even if we refrain from further indebting our grandchildren.


  1. The burden thrust upon a child born today exceeds a staggering $42,000 of public debt, inaugurating their existence. By the age of 18, this weight swells to over $68,000, and by the time they reach the age of 35, it balloons to a jaw-dropping $117,000—an exorbitant sum that excludes mortgage, college loans, auto loans, and credit card debt.


  1. Merely six years after this election, our interest payments on the debt will eclipse our defense budget, gravely imperiling our nation and neglecting our fundamental duty to ensure the common defense.


2) REDUCTION OF FEDERAL TAXES FOR JOB CREATORS: By enacting judicious reductions in federal taxation rates for companies that augment their workforce and foster job creation within America, we kindle the flames of entrepreneurial innovation and honor the extraordinary talents of American workers.


Through these audacious endeavors, we shall forge a path toward unfettered potential, nurturing an economy that flourishes and bestows upon our citizens unprecedented opportunities.