In an era defined by global interconnectedness, it is imperative that our education system embraces a forward-thinking approach, equipping students with the essential skills of critical thinking and problem-solving. As your distinguished representative, I vow to spearhead a transformative agenda that empowers parents with greater control over their child’s education, effecting systemic reforms to ensure the next generation thrives.


1) Education resonates at the core of our national fabric, touching the lives of every American. To remain competitive and resilient in the ensuing decade, we must strive for nothing short of excellence. Thus, I pledge my unyielding commitment to the following:


  1. Amplifying Teacher Compensation: An enduring blight upon our society is the disgraceful undervaluation of our esteemed educators. Instead of rewarding their remarkable contributions with just remuneration, we impede their progress with meager incentives—a disheartening precedent that betrays our collective negligence. To foster a truly exceptional educational system, we must resolutely augment teacher salaries, recognizing their exceptional work as the bedrock of our future.


  1. Eliminating Common Core: Burdened by oppressive regulations and bureaucratic entanglements, the Common Core standards impede the crucial parent-child connection. This insidious obstruction restricts the full potential of students, teachers, and parents, burdening them with unrealistic expectations. I ardently advocate for a return of educational control to the hands of state and local communities, liberating them from the shackles of centralized mandates.


  1. Championing School Choice: A first-class education stands as the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children and our nation. Hence, I resolutely support the funding, expansion, and empowerment of school choice initiatives. By providing school vouchers to those with limited financial means, we combat the perils of societal segregation perpetuated by denying equal opportunities to individuals of lower income. Scholarships and vouchers extend a lifeline to parents grappling with poverty, offering their children an unparalleled opportunity for a brighter future.


Through these audacious endeavors, we shall forge a resplendent path forward, one that prioritizes the educational needs of our nation’s youth and empowers them to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving world.”




The tragic incident that unfolded in Parkland, Florida served as a grave awakening, starkly reminding us that our children’s safety within the confines of their schools cannot be taken for granted. As both your devoted Congressman and a loving father to four exceptional children, I am resolute in my commitment to bolstering our educational institutions’ capacity to provide unwavering protection for our precious youth, even when they are outside our immediate care. Schools should be sanctuaries where students can freely explore and engage with their peers, but recent heart-wrenching events have underscored the indispensable need for a safe and secure learning environment.


To address this imperative, I firmly advocate for a substantive increase in the presence of school resource officers within our public schools. These dedicated individuals wholeheartedly devote themselves to safeguarding our children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By fortifying their ranks, we can effectively fortify the defenses of our educational institutions, ensuring the comprehensive safety of our future generations. I wholeheartedly believe that there is no more honorable application of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars than directing them towards preserving the well-being of our nation’s greatest asset: our children.


Together, let us rally behind this vital cause, prioritizing the allocation of resources to establish an unparalleled standard of security within our schools. By doing so, we empower our children to thrive, instilling in them the confidence to pursue knowledge and growth, unburdened by fear or apprehension. As your steadfast advocate, I am unwavering in my determination to champion the cause of school security, sparing no effort to secure a future where our children can learn, flourish, and aspire to greatness in an environment that is unequivocally safe and nurturing..