Platform Statement

I am running for United States Congress because I believe the people of North Carolina’s District 4 need a fighter who will stand up against the Biden/Pelosi Far-Left Elite Cartel. This tyrannical Current Administration is destroying our agricultural economy, imposing mandates on the people, increasing taxes, and leaving our borders unprotected. Career politicians are more fit to serve an entirely wealthy, far-Left group, leaving the rest of us behind. The people of Johnston, Wayne, Cumberland, Sampson and Harnett counties deserve better.

As a Hispanic-American, a small business owner, and a blue collar worker, I have seen firsthand how Careers Politicians fail to represent our people in the Great State of North Carolina. It’s time we respond to the issues of today and fight for the present and future of the people of the Fourth District.

After living in our Great State for over twenty years I have observed the issues plaguing our people and our nation. These experiences, along with years of working in the local community, and cold-hard facts inform my policy beliefs on everything from abortion to education. My platform is built on three pillars: The value of Hard Work, a Desire to search for the Truth, and a need to Serve the interests of the people. I hope to persuade you with ideas and proposals that most politicians avoid. If elected as your Congressman, I will serve the fourth district and the interests of the American people to the fullest of my ability.

Platform Overview


  • Lower Taxes
  • Lift Regulations on Small Businesses
  • Reduce Wasteful Government Spending


  • Protect Life in All Circumstances
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Support Alternatives to Abortion


  • Institute Term Limits for Congress
  • Pass Campaign Finance Reform
  • Voter ID Law

First Amendment:

  • Fight the Big Tech on Censorship of “Freedom of Speech”
  • Fight Censorship of “Hate Speech”
  • Support Religious Liberty
  • Secure Freedom of the Press


  • Reform the VA’s Bureaucracy
  • Support Programs to Counter Homelessness, Unemployment
  • Provide Treatment for Mental Health

The Issues

The Economy

Small Business Regulations

The American Dream has been shackled by the endless slew of regulations imposed upon small businesses. As Congress makes it harder to start a business and curb those local enterprises already in existence, Big Business grows bigger and less accountable, free from competition, making life more expensive for hard-working middle class families in North Carolina. Additionally, nearly half of all the Americans in the private workforce work for small businesses. I will fight every piece of legislation that seeks to limit innovation or increases regulations on small businesses. It is time to bring corporatism to an end, and replace it with a free market.

Corporate and Income Tax Rate

For eight long years under President Obama, American enterprises were forced to bear onerous corporate taxes. These taxes forced companies out of the country, stifled innovation, and cost North Carolina scores of jobs. I will support any and all cuts to the corporate tax rate to ensure Americans are not penalized for job creation or innovation. Additionally, the sky-high income tax rates Americans are forced to pay punish hard work and unfairly take away resources from middle-class North Carolinians who can put their earnings to better use. Cutting the income tax would let Americans invest in their families and their futures, instead of funding government programs that are clearly wasteful and do more harm than good. As your Congressman, I will do everything in my power to let North Carolinians keep more of their hard-earned dollars.

Government Spending

Washington’s worst habit is spending money they don’t have, and it’s now happening faster than ever before. National debt has grown to 109% of GDP and is increasing at $6,000 dollars per second. By 2023, debt will have grown by another $10 trillion to make to $31 trillion. If that isn’t concerning enough, the net interest on the debt, a payment that the government must make each year regardless of circumstances, will be greater than all defense spending in less than 5 years according to the CBO; it will be greater than non-defense spending in less than 7. This growing interest payment is a national defense issue, and it also hurts our ability to provide basic services to our citizens. Furthermore, it limits the available money for private investment loans. If elected, I will do everything in my power to cut wasteful spending and pass the balanced budget amendment. Taxes do not belong to the government, because the government belongs to us.

Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs Reform

The VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 was a great step in the right direction for veterans across the country. I want to ensure that we further the reforms contained in this bill and continue fighting for the many veterans here in District 4. When our veterans served our nation abroad, they were promised adequate care for their services. For too long, our nation has turned its back on this group of heroes. I propose we trim down much of the bureaucratic structure that keeps lines long at the VA and prevents veterans from receiving the care they need. Instead of spending money on life-long bureaucrats that do little to help veterans, I believe we should spend more of our money directly on the veterans. This should be done by hiring the best doctors and caretakers to ensure our veterans are getting the same level of care they would elsewhere. As your Congressman, I will hold the VA accountable and make sure it is transparent in all of its interactions with veterans.

Unemployment and Homelessness

Some of the most upstanding and loyal members of our society are also the most downtrodden and deserted. Career politicians in Washington, despite their fluffy rhetoric, have completely abandoned the veterans who have left the Army and attempted to reintegrate into the society they helped ensure stays safe. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, forty thousand veterans are homeless on any given night, and an estimated 1.4 million other veterans are considered at risk of homelessness. Thankfully, due to a thriving economy under the current administration’s economic policies, veteran unemployment has reached record lows within the last year. However, if the unemployment rate is decreasing but 1.4 million veterans still remain in danger of homelessness, veterans must not be receiving the help they need to obtain well-paying jobs. When elected, I will propose shifting a portion of our defense budget towards Veteran Reentry Programs, designed to create the strong support networks and employment resources our veterans deserve. These programs would help retrain veterans whose skill sets had fallen out of demand while serving in the Armed Forces. They would also provide veterans with easy access to job application resources such as interview preparations, resume workshops, and possibly a database where employers with military backgrounds could be displayed. These job programs would help keep veterans out of poverty and therefore out of the seemingly constant risk of homelessness. Our veterans often put everything on the line in defense of our way of life; our government owes them a smooth transition into civilian lives so they can enjoy the freedoms they help protect.

Mental Health

The mental health of veterans has only been recognized as a legitimate policy issue in recent years. Due to the rise of mental health disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we have seen a growing number of veterans who struggle and are in need of care. The VA and our nation are currently failing to address this issue. Regardless of why a veteran has been discharged, we are responsible for taking care of their mental health disorders. I support any legislation that tackles this issue and provides programs to assist veterans with mental health concerns. Additionally, I think we should help veterans that had previously been separated from mental health care due to possible “misconduct” while serving. These people were willing to fight and serve their country, and often face unexpected consequences. Because of this, it is our duty to serve them and ensure their minds are healthy so that they are able to resume their normal lives.


School Security

The tragedy in Parkland, Florida awakened us to the realities that our children  may not always have the safekeeping they need when at school. As your congressman and as the father of four wonderful children, I want to expand our schools’ ability to provide protection for our kids when they are away from our care. Schools are places where students should be free to learn and socialize with others, but recent horrors have shown us the need for a safe and secure environment. I am in favor of our public schools increasing the presence of school resource officers, people who dedicate themselves to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our children. I can think of no nobler use for our taxpayer dollars than putting them towards keeping the future generations of our country safe.

Smart Spending

Investing in our teachers and students alike is one of the most important things we should ask of our government. Unfortunately, all too often we read stories of teachers striking for more pay so they can make ends meet while officials within the bureaucracy are found to be making salaries far higher than appropriate or skimming off the top. I want to make it my goal that more money makes it into the pockets of teachers by eliminating much of the bureaucratic waste present in our education system. The importance of our children’s schooling means that we should not let any of your tax money go to waste; every single dollar should be used in the way that would help the most children receive the best education possible. I am the father of four amazing kids, and I know that I, like every other parent, would want all of the money put towards our school system to be handled responsibly and smartly. It’s time we elect someone willing to hold the bureaucracy accountable on behalf of teachers and students everywhere.

School Choice

The idea that the government should not dictate the course of your life is one of the fundamental themes underlying our Constitution. Why do we then decide it’s acceptable for the government to destine our kids to languish in under-performing schools, stripping parents of the ability to choose education programs suited best for our kids? As your representative, I will push for a voucher-based education program allowing parents, if they so choose, to send their children to schools with resources better equipped to fit their specific child’s needs. In the current system, students are often forced to learn at schools ill-fitted for what their unique education requirements may be. Poorer communities are especially hurt, as parents are robbed of the means to send their sons and daughters to better performing schools where their kids may have a greater chance at success and escaping the cycle of poverty. A school choice program would restore fundamental freedoms and responsibilities to parents, as well as create greater incentive for under-performing schools to improve to attract potential students.


Term Limits

As your Congressman, I will push to enact term limits in order to check the power of politicians like David Price and Nancy Pelosi, who have spent more than thirty years in Congress. The Founding Fathers never intended for politicians to spend their entire careers in Congress. Congress’s approval rating has continued to plummet, yet these same politicians are continually re-elected to positions of power. It’s time we hold our politicians in Washington accountable. This allows our representatives a significant amount of time to fight for the issues we care about, while also limiting the effects of corruption. Rather than constantly focusing on future elections, politicians will instead concentrate on the issues they can resolve during their time in Washington. Lastly, this will allow for fresh faces to join Congress with potentially new ideas that may never be heard without term limits in place.

Campaign Finance Reform

When it comes to money in politics, our nation desperately needs transparency. Too often, secret donors have shifted the balance of campaigns. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of expressing one’s political views through monetary contributions, but I recognize the need to regulate campaign contributions in some instances. This is why I support raising the maximum individual contribution of donors while requiring that all donors are identified within 24 hours of the contribution. Furthermore, we should ban any unregulated soft money contributions given to political parties from unidentified donors and especially any foreign donations. I also believe public, taxpayer funded institutions, such as the University of North Carolina, should be unable to fund politicians like David Price. I believe these provisions promote transparency while maximizing the freedom of individuals and businesses to financially contribute to causes they believe in.

Community-Police Relations

Community Outreach

Over the past several years, we have seen the erosion of trust between the police and the communities they are sworn to protect. Countless videos of officers killing or abusing unarmed individuals have repeatedly shocked us and awakened us to the need for serious reform. The amplification of instances of police misconduct by the national news media as well as the rise of several groups dedicated to raise awareness of such wrongdoing has frayed the bonds connecting civilians and officers as well. For many, the police have become an outside group to be feared rather than protectors of the in-group, in part due to the heavy militarization of departments. I understand that in order for police to be effective and efficient, they must also be respected and recognized as one of our own. As congressman, I will support localized efforts for police departments to reach out to their own communities in an effort to rebuild the trust that should define relationships with law enforcement. There is no one size fits all approach to this issue; each community varies from one to another, and each precinct is different as well. Any attempt to fix this problem must come from the ground up, rather than top down mandates from the federal government.

Mandatory Body Cameras

Much of police wrongdoing is brought to light by witnesses using a cell phone, able to record the incident and share it later via social media. While this may serve as a good method of holding officers accountable after the act,  it unfortunately rarely acts as a preventative measure against the police committing the act to begin with. However, officers that know their actions are being filmed would almost certainly act with more self-control in situations where force is unnecessary. Therefore, I would support legislation for police men and women nationwide to be equipped with mandatory body cameras. This is not a final solution to the problem of civilian mistreatment by police; however, it is an important step to hold misbehaving officers accountable for their malfeasance and attempt to prevent misconduct in the first place.

Opioid Crisis

Education and Prevention

North Carolinians have been some of the hardest hit by the wave of the opioid crisis. To combat this, the government must rollback the costly War on Drugs. The War on Drugs has driven people to addictive opioids on the black market like heroin laced with (often unbeknownst to the user) fentanyl, a dangerous chemical associated with much of the overdose risk. In addition, Big Pharma abuses government privileges to monopolize drug production and sell highly addictive substances at a high price that would never succeed in the truly free market that our Founders envisioned.

Effective Step To Fight the Crisis

Effective step the government can take is cutting back on the drug war. Steps towards the legalization of opioids for recreational use would see a decline in the usage of fentanyl and other dangerous mixtures that are responsible for innumerable opioid-related deaths. We would also see addicts returning to less harmful opioids rather than the more easily available (and more dangerous) heroin. Furthermore, a loosening of patent laws on such drugs as OxyContin would fight the incentive that corporations have to produce addictive substances, by introducing cheaper competition onto the market. Introducing reform to reduce the role pain plays in medical malpractice cases would help doctors make better decisions regarding the prescription of opioids. This reform can be coupled with the abolition of pain such as a “Vital Sign,” which ensures that hospitals get reprimanded for failing to “adequately treat pain,” which acts to increase opioid prescription. The best thing we can do to fight opioid abuse, is to unleash the powerhouse that is the American economy and let people bring themselves out of the mess that they have been cast into.

Free Speech

First Amendment

Free Expression

The first amendment is, in many ways, the crown jewel of our democracy, enshrining into our constitution the triumph of individual liberty over governmental tyranny. We have had the privilege of living in a nation where our freedoms, including the right to express oneself, are valued above all else. Many countries that have devolved into authoritarian and fascist regimes took their first steps towards oppression by limiting their citizens’ rights to free speech. As your congressman, I will oppose any laws aimed at curbing this right to free expression. In recent events, we have seen a troubling rise in the amount of hate speech in public discourse; however, this is a problem that must be met with more free speech, rather than constraints on our liberties. As citizens, we have a public responsibility to meet hate speech with rational discourse and debate. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have taken it upon themselves to root out hate speech by asking users to locate and identify it for their moderators; colleges and universities have resorted to moving controversial speakers far off of campuses, bowing to the heckler’s veto of protesters who threaten to use violence. Both of these attempts are misguided and lead to a slippery slope where censorship is based on the ever-changing definitions of controversial speech and hate speech. Citizens have a right to meet speech they do not like with debate; the government should not have the authority to shut down that dialogue by censoring the offensive side.

Pro-Religious Liberty

The free exercise of religion, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of assembly are fundamental human rights, and are necessary to maintain a healthy democracy. That is why the Founding Fathers enshrined them all in the First Amendment. Unfortunately, these freedoms are under attack. Religious business owners are being persecuted for their beliefs and are under threat of losing their First Amendment rights in many states. Meanwhile, some state legislatures like the one in California are attempting to pass laws banning any business transactions concerning items that attempt to change an individual’s sexuality or their behavior. Religious books would almost certainly fall under this category by the very nature of belief in certain sins. We stand firmly in support of the First Amendment, and will vote against all efforts to dilute it from both sides.

Freedom of the Press

When the government begins to infringe on our freedoms and our elected officials engage in corrupt activities, we need a reliable and responsible press to report these trespasses. A free, independent, and accurate news media is crucial to the maintenance of our democracy. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure the independence and freedom of our press. Unfortunately, journalists of both sides are under increasing pressure each and every day; liberal and conservative publications are labeled as fake news with greater frequency for publishing articles that officials view as politically harmful. While reporters must ensure they are accurate in their writing, our leaders on both sides of the aisle should reserve the fake news label for provably false reports, rather than ones that are merely disagreeable. Meanwhile, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have assumed the responsibility of policing news content released through their websites; Facebook has stated its intentions of ranking news outlets by their reliability, which will almost certainly result in the censorship of publications that run counter to the political leanings of those creating that ranked list. Neither our government nor large corporations, such as those based in Silicon Valley, should be deciding for us who is trustworthy and who is not; both aim to limit the freedom of our press and I strongly oppose this attempt to regulate our news media.


Illegal Immigration Reform and Increased Border Security

Immigration is one of the defining issues of our time. The last election hinged on it, precisely because our futures depend on it. Illegal immigration is costing our nation immense amounts of taxpayer dollars in healthcare, education, and the surfeit of welfare programs that the federal government affords to illegal aliens. As a nation, we have a right to exercise our sovereignty through reasonable border control, a notion that has been completely sidelined by the fanatical commitment to open borders espoused by Price and Pelosi. As your Congressman, I will wholeheartedly stand with President Trump in all his efforts to secure our borders and make America safe again!

Legal immigration has been a cornerstone of this nation, and has played an undeniable role in driving American prosperity and shaping America’s culture. That said, we cannot allow for policies that encourage immigration and do little to bolster our economy to persist. If elected, I will push for immigration reform that seeks to transform the visa lottery system currently in place to a merit-based arrangement that rewards foreigners that bring real and necessary skills to the American workforce. This would mean opposing all bills that seek to raise immigration levels and supporting President Trump’s RAISE Act.


Protecting the Unborn

My commitment to defending the lives of the unborn is resolute. I was raised by a pro-life activist and I have seen firsthand the crushing effects abortion has on society. I believe a nation is defined by how it treats its weakest and there is no group more vulnerable and defenseless than the unborn. In the first two months following conception, a fetus’s heart will begin to beat, its brain waves will begin functioning, and it will even feel pain. Science has concluded that over 600,000 babies aborted each year constitute human life. Yet our society has lost sight of the vulnerability of this group and instead seeks to glorify murder by calling it “choice”. While it may be necessary in some circumstances for a woman to perform an abortion, the vast majority of abortions, over 98 percent, occur because of convenience. Murder should never be convenient. I will unceasingly fight for the rights of these children to exist by pushing to defund organizations like Planned Parenthood. Without a doubt, the senseless slaughter of some 60 million children since Roe v Wade will be viewed as morally repugnant by future societies. It is my dream that one day all children will have the right to live rather than being murdered in the womb before they see the light of day.

20-Week Ban

I am in full support of the recent 20-week abortion ban proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham that was rejected by Democrats like David Price. This ban, while not my ideal policy, was a step in the right direction for protecting the lives of unborn children. Only 1.3 percent of abortions in America are performed after 20 weeks and virtually all deal with some extraordinary medical circumstances. A baby at this age has a heartbeat, moving brain waves, a capacity to feel pain, most of its essential organs, and an ability to move inside the womb. The very fact that some babies have consistently survived outside the womb at 22 weeks is astonishing and should lead us to adopt a policy that prohibits abortions past 20 weeks. This ban is not as radical as David Price and the Democrats would like you to think. Progressive nations such as France and Sweden have abortion bans at 14 and 18 weeks respectively. The only countries that allow late-term abortions are North Korea, China, Vietnam and the United States. It’s time to stand up for those who can’t. The 20-week abortion ban is a great start towards protecting our most vulnerable demographic and I will do everything possible in Congress to fight for it.

Promoting Alternatives

I recognize the need to adopt policies that provide alternatives to mothers who want to seek an abortion. As your Congressman, I will propose health education courses that will inform mothers seeking an abortion about the potential ramifications of their decision. These courses will allow the mother to make an informed decision instead of making a choice she might regret for the rest of her life. I am also a huge supporter of reforming our foster care and adoption systems in America. Many women who get abortions do not see giving the baby up for adoption as a sound alternative because of the terrible state of our foster care system. I believe that if we are willing to fight for these children inside the womb, we must also be willing to fight for them outside of it. That fight begins with ensuring that mothers who cannot raise their children feel comfortable with putting them up for adoption.

Foreign Policy

Non-Interventionist Approach

I am a strong advocate of sending our American military to protect our interests before those of other countries, and even then, we have recently overextended ourselves by attempting to intervene in several conflicts abroad. America should only fight wars of self-defense and defend our allies when it is important to protect American interests; otherwise, we should not be putting the men and women of our military at risk. When we do enter into a war, we should employ overwhelming force to achieve victory as quickly as possible. We do not want to enter into decade-long wars that keep our troops away from their families and in harm’s way. I do not believe in nation-building practices, where America polices the rest of the world and instills democracies through means of force. After all, the role of the American government is to protect our lives and our interests, rather than build a government for someone else. If we do not want to engage in wars abroad, we must develop modern defenses for modern weapons. As our enemies continue to gain access to nuclear weapons, it is absolutely vital to our nation’s security that we deploy a national missile defense system that can fight off nuclear missiles and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). This was Ronald Reagan’s vision, and it is the only practical way to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons. By having a working deterrence against nuclear missiles, we can reduce the risk of a nuclear attack, as well as the risk of going to war as a response to the said attack.


American foreign policy is marked by years of failed adventurism and wasteful expenditures. Almost 17 years after the tragic attacks on our homeland on the eleventh of September 2001, can we really say we are any safer? Dangerous attempts to export democracy and “stabilize” terrorist nations have only led to anti-American sentiments in those areas unfortunate enough to find themselves in the crosshairs of our drones. These sentiments often result in the heinous acts of terrorism against American civilians and soldiers. As your Congressman, I will use my power to ensure that we risk America’s brave soldiers only when absolutely necessary. War is an expensive affair that often hurts our safety and our finest young men and women. Instead, let’s put America first.

Standing with Israel

America/Israel relations and policy has taken a new direction, thanks to our President Donald Trump. We need to continue protecting Israel from its enemies. A nuclear Iran presents an existential threat to Israel. As your Congressman, I will make sure the IRAN DEAL is gone. I will use my power to ensure that we don’t allow Iran to have a Nuclear Weapon. Israel’s right to exist is vital. Let’s put America/Israel first.

Second Amendment

Right to Bear Arms

The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It is not about target practice, either. It is not even about self-defense, although this is an obviously useful ability it affords us. After all, good people with guns are often able to stop acts of violence before the police have time to respond. Rather, the Second Amendment is about resistance to government tyranny and keeping the power in the hands of the people. An armed population is the one of the only true checks the American population has on an overreaching government that would seek to strip us of our rights; the second amendment ensures the other amendments are protected. As your Congressman, I will oppose any unnecessary and over restrictive regulations on the right to keep and bear arms.


Repeal and Replace

No matter what the talking heads on CNN will tell you, healthcare is not immune to the laws of economics. Decades of government regulation and “oversight” has led to immeasurable amounts of bureaucracy and compliance costs that are reflected in the huge bills sent to the patient population. The most significant expansion of state control over our healthcare in recent times has been the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” also known as Obamacare. Obamacare limits competition between insurance providers with costly rules, and then forces Americans to purchase plans they may not want or need. A government that believes that it can run your life better than you can run your own is a government that is far too big. I will vote for any and all statutes that seek to cut down the massive regulatory monster that has consumed the healthcare field. This will provide North Carolinians with the choice, quality, and low costs that they deserve.




I am not a Career Politician. I am an everyday man living out the American Dream, and I want to make sure you can too. As your Congressman, I will represent the needs of the people of the Fourth District. Read More






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