I am writing to announce my endorsement of Steve A. Von Loor candidacy to become the new U.S. Congressional representative for the people of the 4th Congressional District. Steve is a principled conservative that will not bow to the pressure of business as usual in Washington. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he understands the importance of free enterprise, school choice, small business start-ups and the needs of the working families. A strong believer in real immigration reform, he will not allow our nation to follow the devastating track our European allies are pursuing with open borders but will support legal, orderly and fair immigration reform. Additionally, as a “Values” based Republican, he will support the Sanctity of life and use his legislative seat to fight against human trafficking.

Von Loor’s principle status lies in stark contrast to the district’s current representative, Rep. Davide Price has not been an advocate for economic reform voting against the federal measures that have produced record┬ájob growing in the 4th Congressional District while refusing to support values-based legislation that will protect our families and the most vulnerable in our society.

I know that Steve will be an outstanding U.S. Congressman and I fully offer my endorsement to his candidacy.


Valerie Johnson

State Vice President

Frederick Douglass Foundation of NC